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The International Syclone Typhoon Registry (ISTR) is a non-profit organization that is focused on the accurate history, preservation, technical information and data collection of the 1991-93 GMC Syclone, Typhoon, & Sonoma GT sportmachine trucks. ISTR will offer an exclusive online source of news and data that is regularly updated with new information and latest events via our forum and website. ISTR is dedicated to the exchange of related information, parts, ideas and mutual interest in the ownership and enthusiasm of the SyTySoGT trucks.

ISTR was formed to help not only share the history of our beloved trucks, but to help maintain a community who is focused on the continued preservation of these unique and rare production trucks. As we continue to grow and expand this website and our forum, we plan to offer many more features and opportunities to our community and members that share the same passion and enthusiasm in SyTySoGT ownership. This is not an overnight project and only with the help of both individuals and a community as a whole, will be able to expand and reach the high standards we have set forth to be the best source for SyTySoGT information.

The ISTR is a long term project in which we plan to grow and allow its members to benefit. We hope you enjoy this website and utilize the forum and welcome you to help contribute to the information that will be contained on this site, as well as utilize the resources in which others have shared. As we grow in membership and support, we plan to add features for the members and contributors who support making this place the best source of SyTySoGT information. We currently have some projects underway and will be releasing more information as it becomes available. We are excited to share ISTR with all SyTySoGT owners and enthusiasts and look forward to expanding our knowledge and data with our unique trucks.


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ISTR is a non-profit organization operated by owners and enthusiasts of the SyTySGT. Information provided on this site is a combined effort of years of research and efforts of individuals who have put forth the time to acquire accurate information and data on these unique trucks.  If you would like to make a donation towards ISTR and help continue to make this information available on this site, please click here.