1991 GMC Typhoon Aspen Prototype 1991 GMC Typhoon Aspen Prototype
This particular prototype truck like others is a conversion made into a Typhoon before final production began. Starting out as a production 1991 GMC... 1991 GMC Typhoon Aspen Prototype

This particular prototype truck like others is a conversion made into a Typhoon before final production began.

Starting out as a production 1991 GMC Jimmy 4×4, this truck was actually black and was bought off a Michigan dealer lot by PAS (Production Automotive Services) where the conversion took place and then was used for promotional videos. Once it was deemed that that PAS was going out of business, many prototypes they had in their possession were sold off. With only 148 miles on it, the truck was sold locally to a Michigan resident, then sold to an owner in Alabama, and finally sold a 3rd time in November 1997 to its current owner Jason Leach located in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The truck today has 3400 miles.

It should be noted, this truck WAS NOT the truck featured in the movie, Lethal Weapon 3. The truck in LW3 was a production truck, 1992 Typhoon #0404.

Some of the notable variances, differences and cosmetic details in this prototype include:

  • The door jams and firewall remain black. According to Jason, the paint is “pretty good” and was not done by GM. It it unclear if PAS painted the truck themselves or if it was done by a third party. The truck does have small amounts of aspen blue overspray on the under carriage.
  • Set up as 2WD. Even though this was a 4×4 Jimmy, the propshaft was removed and the transfer case was locked into 2WD. Because the truck has an early production style SyTy center console, there was no room for the 4×4 selector.
  • The truck has 4 dimples in body from using interior screws that are too long. 3 above windshield and 1 passenger side in front of rear window.
  • No build sheet in glove box, but has a GMC Jimmy GVWR sticker in door jam.
  • 92 Typhoon style grill, door guards and power mirrors. Has 91 Jimmy rear window (steel frame) and no rear wiper. Rear windows tinted very dark and there are cuts in glass on both side rear windows. Windshield washer bottle is 91 Jimmy.
  • Silver Typhoon decals and tailgate decals are in different locations.
  • Has no license plate lights.

Interior Information:

  • 91 Jimmy seats, door panels and steering wheel.
  • Has Typhoon style gauge cluster and gold Typhoon glove box decal (production 92s came with Silver, 93s with Gold).
  • Has a Typhoon center counsel but is mostly smooth and some very rough spots looks like heat or chemical damage on the top. The gear display has orange tint (from a Corvette).
  • Rearview mirror has lights, but they do not work.
  • There are missing trim pieces under dash with misc screws missing from interior. The dash and side interior pieces appear to have been removed. The edge of rear interior pieces when looking from the open door have been cut and not repainted.
  • Gas pedal has extra rod.
  • 2 extra wires going to the DLC. Lots of extra wires going to the fuse box. Missing fuse box cover.
  • Has Cassette am/fm radio with EQ.

Mechanical Information:

  • Has different exhaust.
  • Wheels are highly polished and were hand finished, not machine finished like standard production wheels.
  • Unknown prom.
  • Has no front prop shaft.
  • Shocks are painted black (believed to be GM). Rear springs have #24 in yellow marker.
  • Gas tank has large sump welded to the bottom. Gas tank straps have large bracket welded hanging towards the ground.
  • Has Syclone rear end (ABS wires and backing plate flange is different).
  • Trans hump is painted gray primer.
  • Torsion Bar has white index style card with red marker that reads unique part 6.5 R (left side reads L at end)
  • Torsion Bars same length but measure 1.10″ in diameter. (93 Ty is 1.05″).
  • Front end 2β€³ lower than stock vehicles.
  • Motorcraft gas cap