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1992 Pilot Syclone for Sale 1992 Pilot Syclone for Sale
The 1992 Pilot Syclone prototype owned by former PAS President Chuck Mountain is up for auction on the popular website, Bring-A-Trailer. 1992 Pilot Syclone for Sale

Here’s your chance at owning a piece of SyTy history with purchase of former PAS President, Chuck Mountain’s very own personal prototype/pilot Syclone. The truck is being sold on the popular bidding site, Bring A Trailer. Unfortunately, Mr. Mountain passed away in the past year where the title was transferred to his wife and now being sold through a dealer.

Known as the Prototype/Pilot #001 truck, this particular Syclone features a few features not seen in the production 91 Syclone such as the X-Pattern steering wheel, intercooler cover, and the sleek 92 style electric sport mirrors. These items were all changes to be made for the 1992 production which never transpired.

With the truck comes a pile of documents, paperwork, and memorabilia that both contains information during production and the story of the GMC Syclone.

With only just under 18k miles on it, the truck is not in pristine condition with pictures showing standard surface rust on the frame, suspension and exhaust. Regardless, the truck appears to be in overall very good condition and well preserved for it’s mileage and history. This truck could very easily be restored back to a perfect pristine condition.

This truck will be interesting to watch on BAT and what its final selling price will be. Not many prototypes remain today, and with only limited information on each prototype/pilot truck, it is hard to put a value on it or compare it to standard production trucks that have previously sold on the BAT website.

We certainly hope that whoever wins the bid and becomes the next new owner that they will share with us the history and documents so we may further continue to write the story on the Syclone and be able to fill in the missing links and information we always are looking for with the truck’s history. We welcome the future owner to reach out to us directly at

Good luck to all who bid!

To check out more details or to place a bid on this Syclone, check out the auction on Bring-A-Trailer.

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