International SyTy Registry

GMC Syclone Prototypes & Concepts

During the development of the GMC Syclone and Typhoon, many trucks were produced as prototypes or concepts to test various aspects and components for the final production. This is a list of known prototypes.

GMC Sonoma GT Prototypes

  • 92 GMC Sonoma GT Extended Cab 4×4
    • Only one ever built, also only Sonoma GT which is 4×4, Built ’93 Production year. Owned/Driven by GMC executive.

GMC Typhoon Prototypes & Concepts

  • 1991 GMC Typhoon Aspen Prototype
  • 1991 GMC Typhoon “Shamu” – 1GKCT18Z7M0521319
  • 1992 GMC 4-door Typhoon
  • 1993 Jimmy Z-84 Prototype, noted as “All Typhoon, no cladding” (’94 Typhoon) 1GKCT18W4P0518422
  • Chevy Typhoon (marketing for Europe)

ImageBuick Syclone. Privately owned.

ImageCodename “Lil’ Red Truck”.  During the Syclone’s development, there was a debate to introduce it as a S10 version. Chevy wanted it while GMC refused it….after all, they were in charge of the concept and platform. Before the idea was completely squashed, the development team threw together this 1989 S15 complete with custom 16″ steel wheels with correct offsets to accommodate the Safari AWD driveline and installed a full-on Syclone drivetrain. The truck had a bench seat, manual windows, an a column shift. The last known whereabouts of this truck was in Virginia in 1999 with around 222k on it!

ImageChuck Mountain’s Personal Truck. 3.8 liter engine and special hard tonneau cover custom made by Leer Corp. Stolen, recovered and then scrapped in 1992. Proto #001 One of the 5 that survived. Maroon colored.ImageCodename “Old #9”. Sierra Classic S-10 Solid Grey with no cladding. Naturally Aspirated 4.3 liter centerport engine with Column Shifter. AWD with Syclone Rims. Proto #009

ImageUnknown Syclone. Wrecked in testing.

ImageProto #010. Totaled into a wall on 696 Highway.

ImageJim Stokes’ baby. Was to be ready every week for Magazine testing. Fiberglass air duct. Fiberglass Cladding. Proto #019. Became the PPG pace truck that GM still owns.

ImagePre-production Syclone. Owned by Mike Poccobello. Used on horse farm as a work truck. Production appearance. Sold privately in 2002. Proto #018 – “Queen Vehicle”

ImagePre-production Syclone. Production appearance. 1992 style mirrors. Sold privately in 2002.ImageCodename Queen Bee. #1 Full Production Syclone, Charcoal with Black Cladding. Used in all Dimensional work, Suspension work/testing and to fit all prototype parts. Never Left the Block, only driven around GM grounds.


Image92 Pre-Production Syclone. 30,000+ miles. Sportmachines Video Truck. Privately owned. Located in TN. Currently for sale

Image92 Pre-Production Syclone. Brochure Truck. Privately owned. Located in SC.

ImageFirst Production 1992 Syclone Vin #0001. Purchased by Maldaver when PAS closed. Currently located in NY. Never Registered.
Located in a Junk Yard in NY.
Bought by Maldaver when PAS closed.
No VIN # stamped on the frame.
It was bought from Maldaver (now closed) for $600.00
Now it just sits to rot.


ImageConcept Typhoon. The name “Typhoon” hadn’t even been authored at the time of this drawing, so “Syclone” was used.

ImageTyphoon Clay Model. All the fascias and cladding were made of clay. The front turn signals and fog/driving lamps were made from paper and just colored or rendered to appear real. Rear Spoiler and 1991 Syclone mirrors.

Image1991 Prototype Typhoon. No cladding, Jimmy interior.

All Prototype 4 door Typhoons

ImageChevy Typhoon. Full typhoon pkg, with Corvette center caps. Used to market test the Typhoon pkg in Europe where GMC had no license at this time.