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SyTySoGT Keychains

Owner and ISTR Member Adam Ribakoff is once again offering up custom made mirrored acrylic keychains for the SyTySoGT in a group purchase. Each keychain is laser cut from mirrored acrylic and features your truck number. The keychain is designed to be just big enough to accentuate the intricate designs in…

Going for a Joy Ryde
We all know and recognize the Syclone as a boosted V6 truck that willingly lays down 300HP in stock form and will make most muscle car owners momentarily think twice when one pulls up next to them at the light. But when todays muscle cars come from the factory boasting...
Project ZS-1

Project ZS-1

Projects Nov 25, 2014 0

Project ZS-1 begins as Dennis Harmon begins a new build on his Syclone. Purists brace yourselves, this monster is going V8.

Welcome to ISTR

Welcome to ISTR

News & Info November 5, 2017 0

Mecum – Clint Eastwood’s Typhoon
It’s a known fact that Clint Eastwood has a soft spot for the GMC Typhoon. He has owned several and typically daily drives (as he recently mentioned on the Jimmy Fallon Show) and is frequently photographed in his 93 Green/Gray, most recently when visiting Ellen Degeneres.  This of course,... Read more
Fall NASTE Meet 2017

Fall NASTE Meet 2017

Events October 19, 2017 0

DATE: November, 19, 2017 LOCATION: Cecil County Dragway 1916 Theodore Rd North East, MD 21911 This is a track rental for the day!! We are renting the track with the S10 Addictions members as they are holding there fall meet and racing as well. Exact times will be posted... Read more
ISTR GoPro Raffle
ISTR RAFFLE IS UNDERWAY! Win a GoPro Hero Session with a 64GB Card and 2 Year Protection Plan via GoPro Care! $10 Per Ticket, No limits per person, buy as many tickets as you want! Entry cutoff will end on 10/27/17. Drawing will be on Saturday, October 28th 2017... Read more
Growing up SyTy
For most car and truck enthusiasts, speed and power are 2 of the top tier must have items in their ideal vehicle. Of course, the Syclone and Typhoon came with both from the factory with its 13 second timeslips and 300hp 4.3 V6 powerplant and still reigns as one... Read more
5th Annual Medina Meet
The 5th Annual Midwest Ohio Medina Meet is happening once again, hosted by owner Matt Fralick. As always, it’s a free event and will be kid friendly. Plans are to gather around 2pm. Hang there for a few hours (maybe enough time to attempt a turbo swap in the... Read more
SyTys@Carlisle 2017 Review
Each year in the small town of Carlisle, Pennsylvania a storm begins to brew with the gathering of the Syclones and Typhoons. Of course, this is a much welcomed storm as trucks from across the country get together and hold the annual SyTys@Carlisle event during the Truck Nationals, put... Read more
ISTR Memberships now OPEN!
Show your support for ISTR and become a certified member! ISTR is your link to historical data, technical information as well as up to date news and events going on in the SyTySoGT community. By registering as a certified member, you are helping to keep this information available as... Read more
Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags Ohio
When David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan the hosts of the ever so popular TV show Roadkill hold their own car show & dragstrip event, it’s a must to attend. You see, this isnt your average run of the mill car show with super nice million dollar super cars or... Read more
SyTys@Carlisle LIVE FEEDS!
With SyTys@Carlisle 2017 right around the corner, you should be registered by now if you plan to attend. If not, be sure to register under SYTYSPORTMACHINES on the Carlisle website. Both ISTR and Sportmachines will be doing live feeds during SyTys@Carlisle on August 4-6th via both facebook and instagram accounts.... Read more