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Going for a Joy Ryde

TomJoyLSxWe all know and recognize the Syclone as a boosted V6 truck that willingly lays down 300HP in stock form and will make most muscle car owners momentarily think twice when one pulls up next to them at the light. But when todays muscle cars come from the factory boasting 500+HP, maybe it’s the Syclone owner who better think twice.

Enter in Tom Joy and his iron-block 6L stroked out 408-cubic inch V8 powered beast, appropriately named “JOYRYDE”. With the help of his brother and their father, Syclone #354 was outfitted with a Turbonetics 91 compressor/101 turbine, Edelbrock intake and fuel rails, 317 cast heads, custom cam, complete with Callies stroker kit. A built 4L80E gearbox with a Moser 12-bolt rear resides between the frame rails.  And the answer is yes, this Syclone is still AWD. Recently added is a custom fabricated carbon fiber flush tonneau cover and rear wing to help with stabilization when clocking 140+mph passes.

Recently, Tom was in attendance for a recent WannaGoFast 1/2 mile shootout event held in Virgina. As expected, your mix of high horsepower cars are the norm. What was unexpected was the beat down that Tom unleashed when modified a C6 Z06, brand new Mustang GT, and even a Challenger Hellcat were sent to the wayside and coming up short to even keeping up with JOYRYDE.

So the next time your sitting at a street light and you suddenly see one of these little black trucks pull up next to you on the street and you are feeling quite certain about your ride, think twice. You just might get taken for a joy ride.

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