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In the July 2017 issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine, a feature article was published called – “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad –... Hemmings Muscle Machines

In the July 2017 issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine, a feature article was published called – “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad – 1993 GMC Typhoon”.

Written by Jeff Koch (an author who is familiar and written past articles on our trucks) goes on to write:

The great American SUV is a lie. SUVs are the result of a pickup and a Country Squire having a baby and moving to the suburbs. Calling ’em trucks was too low-rent, so they had to make up a name–“SUV” (or “Sport Utility Vehicle”)–to make it palatable. Also, “station wagon” was already taken.

Yet there’s something not quite right. SUV is a misnomer. Oh, they’re Vehicles, all right. The Utility is obvious too, especially when you fold the seats down. There’s baby-makin’ room back there. And since many (but not all) come with all-wheel drive, there is some utility in an SUV’s ability to take you places that an ordinary car cannot.

The feature does include some great photography with a 1992 Red/Gray Typhoon (owner and truck number still unknown and being tracked down). Of course, we realize there is a conflict being the article is labeled for the 1993 not 92, but we can overlook that minor mistake for the continued support and positive outlook that both Mr. Koch and Hemmings has always given our trucks.

Hemmings website doesnt feature the entire article, you can however still enjoy the photography by clicking here.

If you can grab an issue, it’s one to add to the SyTySoGT collection!

  • Otis

    July 26, 2019 #1 Author

    No longer any need to track down the owner — I bought this Ty a couple of months ago. It had 8,800 miles on it (not a typo) when I picked it up, and I just flipped 9,000. Aside from a rusted-out aftermarket aluminum muffler, it’s bone stock and as perfect as it looks in the Hemmings article. One point of note that savvy Sy/Ty fans may have already noticed from the color scheme, seats, and door handle surround: it’s a 1992, not a ’93 as stated in Hemmings. Super-cool: Besides all of the original paperwork and accessories, the purchase included a printing of the Hemmings edition.

    The Carfax report shows that this Ty had less than 200 miles on in when it was sold to its second owner in 2009. Although 8,000 miles were put on it after that point, the gas and fuel lines were pretty gummed-up when I acquired it. I ran some fuel system cleaner through it, drained the tank, and changed the fuel filter, but it still needs a little love. It’s hard to start after a day or more of sitting. The fuel pump relay works fine, so I just bought a Walbro 255 and beefy wiring harness from I have kids and run my own business, so no telling when I will be able to install the pump, let alone have time to add a chip and injectors.

    I’m just babbling here, but glad to finally be a part of the SyTy crowd. I’ve wanted one of these since the day GMC announced their release, and am stoked to my core to have something this cool in my garage to tinker with. I publicly promise not to make any mods that can’t be undone, but I’m going to have some fun!


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