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Hotwheels Syclone Conversion
  With the popularity of the Hotwheels Syclone release among both owners and enthusiasts, we’ve seen a ton of pics of collectors and hobbyists taking the trucks and doing crazy paint and wheels mods. Check out this video where Garasi Koe shows us how he took a Syclone and... Read more
Hot Wheels Syclone Update
Back in September 2019, we dropped pictures and information regarding Hot Wheels diecast coming out with a 2020 release of the GMC Syclone. There was limited information but the Hot Wheels Dream Team did post up a few pictures of a 3D printed prototype model of the truck. There... Read more
Hot Wheels Syclone
In recent news, diecast toymakers Hot Wheels seems to working on an upcoming release of the GMC Syclone for 2020. Floating on Instagram via @hotwheelsdreamteam are a few pictures of a rough 3D printed Syclone. While not much written information is given on any dates, colors, or details, we... Read more
Johnny Lightning – New Syclone Release
SyTy owners, like most any other car enthusiasts like to collect anything SyTySoGT related.  The more, the better.  For many years now, the best representation in diecasts has been from Johnny Lightning and their various colorways and interesting releases in both the Syclone and Typhoon. The end of 2018... Read more
Early Typhoon Warning!
For those who collect Johnny Lightning diecasts, get ready for another new GMC Typhoon release! JL announced in June for a scheduled release for July. This new series is being called “Gone Fishing” and will feature 2 versions of the Typhoon that comes equipped with matching boat and trailer.... Read more