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Midwest SyTySoGT Meet 2020

Midwest SyTySoGT Meet 2020

Events December 27, 2019 0

Here is the Official Event for the Midwest Meet! Get some motivation and start working on those trucks, set up taking off work if need be. Or even cancel any existing plans! We love to see you guys there, trucks or not. June 27-28, 2020 Volo Auto Museum 27582... Read more
Syborg Twin Turbo
In 1992, the Sonoma GT was the second best option if you werent able to afford a Syclone or a Typhoon. Part of the Sportmachines trio (Syclone, Typhoon, Sonoma GT) and unlike the Syclone, the Sonoma GT came in a variety of colors and had the similar styling to... Read more
LSR Syclone Moves South
An iconic part of the GMC Syclone history has moved South. Way South. The LSR Syclone (Land Speed Record), which holds the world record for the first truck to break the 200mph barrier and being the fastest naturally aspirated truck at 210.089mph in a standing mile has been relocated... Read more