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SyTySoGT Keychains

Owner and ISTR Member Adam Ribakoff is once again offering up custom made mirrored acrylic keychains for the SyTySoGT in a group purchase. Each keychain is laser cut from mirrored acrylic and features your truck number. The keychain is designed to be just big enough to accentuate the intricate designs in…

Going for a Joy Ryde
We all know and recognize the Syclone as a boosted V6 truck that willingly lays down 300HP in stock form and will make most muscle car owners momentarily think twice when one pulls up next to them at the light. But when todays muscle cars come from the factory boasting...
Going for a Joy Ryde
Swede Style Test-n-Tune
Robert Pothorcki aka “Mr. Syclone”, gives us an inside view from the cockpit of his truck, currently the fastest V6 AWD Syclone (8.7@162mph) in the world. While he doesn’t comment on his speed, we all know to well he’s going into triple digits as he tears through the streets... Read more